As a fledgling guitarist for the majority of my life, studying songs, scales and the fretboard are the norm…

Every guitarist who grew up in the days of Long Play analog records will recall the tedious task of placing the needle in just the right groove to listen to a particular part of a song that held their interest…until it became so tedious, impatience took over and you moved on…or…persevered, learned the lick and danced the happy dance.

YouTube came along and made a lot of dreams come true in providing a platform for guitarist from every “Walk of Life”1 teaching guitar lessons in a video format that allow the viewer to slow the playback speed. 


I recently heard about Vidami’s foot controller. Finally!!! 

Utility Design created the ultimate tool for guitar players to control… handsfree…the playback speed…capture a segment of video and loop it endlessly. 


I would say this is one of the best tools available for anyone interested in learning to play guitar. 

I will tell you this, in my humble opinion, the downside…up front. 

It is not compatible with IOS devices such as iPad. My music workstation, up until this device arrived a week ago, consist of IOS devices.

I purchased an inexpensive Chromebook, compatible with the Vidami software and set it up at my music workstation. 

Lightning-fast licks are now slowed to speeds that allow the user to better understand the mechanics…working up to and possibly achieving some of those trademark licks we’ve all dreamed of playing. There’s still a lot of work to do and scales to practice, but…we all know that.

And remember…Study a song, study scales or your fretboard and then just noodle along with your favorite playlist and have fun.

If you can’t have a little fun…why bother. 

  1. Mark Knopfler, famed guitarist for Dire Straits, teaches guitar lessons on YouTube and wrote the song “Walk of Life” if you didn’t already know that bit of trivia.