So, how are you doing?

Just yesterday, I watched a TED talk video that was incredible. It featured Nadia Drake, an American Science Journalist interviewing a Heidi Hammel, a Planetary Astronomer about her work on the James Webb Space Telescope.

A photograph was shown that was taken in a field of space she described the size of this field as small as a grain of sand on your thumbnail at arms length.

In this photograph were untold numbers of galaxies in a field as small as a grain of arms length.

Now imagine us. Humanity.


Alone in our Solar System

Seemingly alone in our galaxy.

Just us…

…as far as we know.

How can we…humanity, not care enough about our own little piece of real estate and be so busy working at that, that we have time to seek more of what we are unable to perfect.

Fix what you got…

Repair this. Repair that. Modify this plan for a better plan. This corruption needs to be addressed. That system needs to be perfected until it works for everybody. There is too much going on right here to worry about what’s going on over there.

Can we say, without hesitation, that citizens of our little piece of real estate have been provided for? Cared for? They are perfectly happy? Have all of the healthcare they need? Comfortable homes? Food on the table? Able to fulfill life’s dreams?

If I an unable to comfortably support my little piece of real estate, should I seek more? No!!!

How did we get to a point of such divisiveness…in our City…State…Country…World?

As vast as our universe is, how can we not greet one another and take comfort in knowing that we are not alone.

How can one human insist on winning the race or no one gets to play?

So, how are you doing?

Just so you know,

You’re not alone…