How do you deal with sensitive subjects…

How do you deal with those sensitive subjects…issues that arise at work, amongst your co-workers, those you’ve spent the majority of your days…years.

Actual co-workers statements regarding the Boston Marathon incident, followed by my commentary:

Co-worker: “Probably the Muslim Brotherhood”

Mitch: “My hope is that they don’t find it to be some White Trash.  I would hate to think of society targeting my people.”

Mitch: “You do know that my daughter is Muslim, right?”

Co-worker: “Where did you go wrong?”

Mitch: “I raised my daughter to believe that, in America…when you grow up, you can be anything you want to be.”

Co-worker: “They have a suspect, but he’s a Muslim looking guy.”

Mitch: “I haven’t heard anything. Let’s ask that Lutheran looking fellow.”

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