What life has to offer…

….and so, as I was floating in the pool this evening I was feeling so thankful for what I have and reflecting on a time in my life, so long ago…when my youthful love struck heart was broken and…sitting in the swing on our lawn, in tears, asked God…”What is my purpose here, I am failing at this, take me now!”

I believe we have all been in this place in our lives.

The answers to these questions I asked so long ago have been revealed, at various times, along the way.

And, this moment…was one of those times…when you give thanks to God for the reveals along the way.

To those in despair…there are no guarantees in life, there is only hope that, at some point in life, small, seemingly insignificant events, will reveal themselves…as treasures you never would have realized had you taken another path.

Timelines, your timeline has a dynamic that is unseen until it is revealed.

Hope is yours to treasure.

Treasure hope…

One thought on “What life has to offer…

  1. We have all had many heartaches throughout life. I try to find the good from each experience. I have asked the same question over & over, “Why do I exist? What is my purpose here? Why have my younger friends gone before me? Why am I still here?” A friend told me today I have the patience of Job. With the public service jobs I had & all the people I have dealt with I can only hope I have made a difference somewhere along the way. As the Bible says: “For every season there is a reason.”
    Hopefully some day we will find out & understand.💕


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