Pandemic 2020 Movie Night after night…

I will start with this.

“I am a huge fan of Wikipedia”

…and serendipity

We recently watched the film “Downton Abbey”.

In years past, we had followed the PBS series faithfully until Anna, lady’s maid to Lady Mary, was assaulted.

Upset by the direction the story was taking…we discontinued watching the series.

After watching the movie, we realized there were too many unfilled blanks. So we started over.

The entire series…

Then watched the movie…again

Through all of this, Wiki provided side notes from actor’s backgrounds to the Grantham/Crawley Family tree.

After watching all of that, we began to explore the filmography of individual actors from the series.

First up….

Dame Maggie Smith, who provided comic relief during the series and…our personal favorite.

Julienne Fellow’s contribution prompted us to revisit the film “Gosford Park”.

A film full of British Cinematic Royalty…including Dame Maggie Smith as well as Jeremy Swift, who played Septimus Spratt, the butler of the Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith).

This led to “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”…more Cinematic Royalty.

Bill Nighy led us to the film “Emma”.

Taking a break from Cinematic Royalty, I queued up a movie on Amazon Prime that caught my attention, called “Fast Colors”. Serendipity…

This movie stars the beautiful young actress Gugu Mbatha Raw.

We soon realized why she looked so familiar. She played in Apple TV’s “The Morning Show”.

This serendipitous discovery led us to the film called “Belle”.

This young lady “Is” British Cinematic Royalty.

“Belle” led us to “Summerland”…co-starring Penelope Wilton (Downton Abbey’s Mrs. Crawley)

Full Circle

Taking a break from endless movie night after night we watched PBS Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Awards.

It featured Cynthia Erivo, singing a tribute to Roberta Flack.

Unbelievable talent!


Oh my Gosh!!!! This young lady is Cinematic Royalty as well, starring in the 2019 film “Harriet”.

I suppose you know what’s on for “Movie Night” tonight…


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