Love Poem

Love Poem
by Mitchell Pettitt

If you are by my side when I draw my last breath
I will have lived a perfect life
You are the life, the love…
of every man’s dream
The mother of every child’s prayer

If I have you by my side
when my last breath is drawn
I will have lived a perfect life
As dusk draws near…twilight years, the horizon’s setting sun
dips below where sun meets sea
you, Nanny were …”The One”

Addendum: I wrote this poem as Nancy and I held vigil for her father in his final hours of life.
I was so impressed by the level of compassion she had for her father…
this poem began to flow as freely as my tears.

2 thoughts on “Love Poem

  1. Such beautiful words about such a beautiful woman. The love you two have shared for so many years is a precious gift for both of you. When words flow that easily, they most definitely come from within your heart. You are a very lucky man to have our Nanny love you like she does. Tear jerker of a poem Mitchell.

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